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Save Money!

The ROI on PureOptix LED and Seesmart lamps is fast, often less than 12 to 18 months. These lamps use much less electricity, last years longer and radiate almost no heat in the way incandescent or flourescent bulbs do. Lower electric bills, virtually no maintenance costs once installed, and lower energy costs.


Save Time!

PureOptix LED will help you select the perfect lamps for your business. We'll start by providing a free energy and lighting audit. Then we'll recommend lamps to trial in your business for each work area. Lighting in a product inspection area is usually different than in a production area. We'll make sure whatever is installed is optimized for the task.


Save the Environment!

Not only is reduced electric use good for the environment and for your bottom line, Seesmart LED's contain no mercury, lead or phospherous. They need no special disposal for hazardous waste like those found in flourescent tubes, CFL's, mercury halide or high pressure sodium lamps. LED's use no ballasts which also require special disposal. LED lamps are electronic circuits and are as fully recyclable as computers and electronics.

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Founded by an Optician Certified by the American Board of Opticianry


Understanding the human visual system is a key element in meeting the critical needs of employees and customers. Poor quality lighting can lead to eye strain, migrane headaches, low productivity, and reduced retail sales.

By carefully selecting and testing lighting in your business, productivity and sales can be enhanced. Choosing the correct color temperature and brightness at the task area, both vision quality and color rendering can be drastically improved.

All these benefits are in addition to significant savings on electric bills, HVAC and maintenance costs.


High Bay lamps

For schools, warehousing and factories. When applications call for high footcandles, extended operation hours and/or extreme temperatures.

Tube Lights

Requiring no ballast, our Seesmart LED tube lights are shatter proof, instant on/off, improve office environments, last 50,000 hours and provide enhanced visual comfort.

Par Lights

Lighting right where you need it! Our Par lights have all the benefits of LED without the radiant heat of halogens or incandescent spots. Available in spread angles from 25 to 140 degrees.

Exterior Lighting

Municipal street lights, parking lots, garages, buildings. Anywhere bright, high output lighting is required, Seesmart LED by PureOptix has a better solution. 

safe, pure light for significant savings